What’s your Word?

Welcome to the not-so-new year. If you’re wondering where January went, so is everyone else. And if you’ve already forgotten your New Year Resolution, you’re also not alone. That’s all fine. January is the settling in period, the warm up, the sharpening of the saw. February is where it all starts to happen.

So pause for a moment and take a slow deep breath through your nose. And for those few seconds, put your full attention on following the air as it enters your lungs and then flows back out. This simple action stimulates neurons in the limbic system of your brain and enhances your emotional judgement. Any time you need to clear your mind, make a decision or deal with a difficult situation, pause and breath slowly and deliberately through your nose.

And now, what is it you most want from 2017?
What’s the first word that springs to mind?
Healing? Fun? Love? Laughter? Peace? Balance? Harmony? Friendship? Efficiency? Adventure? Self expression? Confidence? Fitness? Energy? A specific skill you’d like to acquire?

What does this word mean to you on a practical level?
What is one thing you can do today to bring more of it into your life?
Reflect on your word for a few minutes every morning before you launch into your day.
Allow your word to guide your thoughts and actions.
Continue to ask yourself every day: ‘What can I do today to express my word in my life?’
No pressure, just think about your word and ask yourself the question.
Tap into a sense of anticipation and watch your word unfold in your life.

‘Your word is your wand. The words you speak create your own destiny.’ Florence Scovel Shinn

My words is fun. I’d like more fun in 2017 because 2016 posed greater challenges than I anticipated with moving myself and my 85 year old father from his home of 40 years into a new house in a new state. The boxes have finally been unpacked and the routines for his care have been established. So now it’s time for some fun.

I have a number of questions from readers that I haven’t yet had a chance to answer and I will do so over the ensuing months. So thank you for your patience and I look forward to a fun year with you.

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