One diet does not fit all

Just because your best friend is vibrantly healthy on low carb, high protein meals doesn’t mean this will also work for you.

The emerging science of nutrigenetics has revealed that our individual genetic makeup determines our unique response to different foods. For example, eating a lot of salt raises blood pressure in some people but not in others. Similarly, coffee affects each of us differently depending on specific genes we may or may not be carrying. And just to complicate the picture further, our beliefs about different foods also play a role in how we processes those foods. We are not what we eat; we are what our brain and body do with what we eat.

Therefore observe your energy levels and tune in to your body without judgement after eating different foods to learn what suits your specific make-up and metabolism. Rather than searching the internet for the best eating plan, practise body awareness before, during and after each meal.

Right now close your eyes and bring your awareness to your stomach. Notice any sensations without judging or analysing them. How does your stomach feel? Light or heavy? Relaxed or bloated? Comfortable or empty? Simply be aware of your stomach for a few minutes without feeling you need to do anything. Repeat this process for different parts of your body throughout the day and you will experience a positive shift in your understanding of what your body needs at any given time.

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