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This is a video of Dr Helena giving people a taste of NeuroSlimming at the Happiness & its Causes conference 2014, Sydney Convention Centre.

The style of this presentation is called Pecha Kucha – 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each – 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total. The slides are advanced automatically so the speaker has to carefully time every word in order to match the slide being shown. This is why Helena is speaking even more quickly than usual! She has to keep up with the rapid changes in the slides. This format is designed to keep presentations fast-paced, sharp and concise. Enjoy the ride!

What is NeuroSlimming about?

NeuroSlimming is all about YOU.

It’s about showing you that you already have everything you need in order to attain your ideal healthy body weight without dieting, deprivation or discipline.

It’s about teaching you to use your brain to change your body.

You haven’t failed diets. Diets have failed you because they have an in-built failure mechanism.

It’s about cutting through the clutter of confusing and contradictory information we’re constantly bombarded with, everywhere we turn.

It’s about realising that no one else can tell you what you should eat. Your own body will tell you what you need at any given time – when you learn to recognise its signals. There isn’t one way of eating that suits everyone. We are all unique and have different requirements at different stages of our lives. Your body will become your best friend.

There is no other program anywhere in the world like NeuroSlimming. No other program addresses what is going on in your brain. No other program tackles the root cause of carrying excess body fat. No other program sets you free of emotional eating, food addictions, self-sabotage and unhealthy habits.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is or how many weight loss programs you’ve tried in the past. I’ve been where you are. I’m all too familiar with the mental anguish and self-loathing that comes with being unhappy about your body weight. I know the fear of failure. And I know the elation of freedom and lasting success.

Who is NeuroSlimming for?

Do you want to feel great and love your body?

Do you want to stop dieting and start living?

Are you a comfort eater? Stress eater? Boredom eater?

Do you want to feel confident and in control?

Do you want to stop self-sabotage and shed excess body fat once and for all?

Do you want to enjoy fabulous food and a fulfilling life?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then NeuroSlimming is for you.

You deserve to live a life of your choosing; a life of joy and fulfilment – not a life in which you’re held back by body weight issues. Life is too short to spend precious time and energy struggling with your weight.

How does NeuroSlimming work?

NeuroSlimming is based on the science of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change.

All other weight loss programs focus on WHAT to eat and how much to exercise.

In contrast, NeuroSlimming focuses on WHY, HOW and WHEN to eat. Once you understand the WHY, HOW and WHEN, the WHAT takes care of itself.

NeuroSlimming takes you beyond information to lifelong transformation.

You can achieve all your body weight goals by reading the book, listening to the audiobook or attending a live retreat.

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