Jane Austen was a health and wellness guru!

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a radio interview with Bryan Koslowski, author of The Jane Austen Diet. I didn’t think I’d have time to read the entire book before the interview but once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a beautiful piece of writing and provides incredibly sound health advice from 200 years ago!

I was also astounded by the parallels between NeuroSlimming and Georgian era eating. Jane Austen was an astute observer of human behaviour – and neuroscience is providing explanations for her innate wisdom. All animals instinctively know what to eat. We are supposedly the most intelligent of all species yet we’re the only ones totally confused about what’s good for us. But this wasn’t always the case. When there was no such thing as packaged, processed or fast food, we prepared what was locally grown and in season. And it kept us healthy.

Bryan also notes that the word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek term meaning ‘way of life’. What we eat is linked to our way of life. Unfortunately, our current way of life is toxic on many levels – not just in terms of what we put into our mouths but also how we live. Stress is toxic, sleep deprivation is toxic, being sedentary is toxic and conflict in relationships is toxic. Jane Austen wrote that our body will heal itself if we let it. Why don’t we let it? Why are we hellbent on pushing ourselves to breaking point? What are we hoping to achieve with our excessive busyness? Why don’t we stop to reassess what’s truly important?

Georgians understood that health and happiness are inexorably linked. If your health declines, your happiness also plummets. Health is not about numbers on a scale – it’s is about how you feel: the colour in your cheeks, the clarity of your thinking, the quality of your sleep and the spring in your step. Tragically, if a person is chronically unwell, they forget how good it’s possible to feel and how much energy it’s possible to have.

In many respects, modern medicine has lost its way. We need to go back to trusting our bodies and becoming truly holistic. We need to understand what drives non-hungry eating and how to break unhealthy habits. And that’s precisely what my NeuroSlimming retreat is about.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Click here or call 1300 651 211 to join me at the Yarra Valley Living Centre from 15-17 November.

PS The retreat comes with a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose – except excess body fat!

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