Greetings and Gratitude

Part 1 – To be sung to be sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas

In the first month of 17
My Father asked of me
Can you fix my fading memory?

In the third month of 17
My Father said to me
A walk a day does help my memory.

In the sixth month of 17
My Father moaned to me
Puzzles, crosswords, darts
Bowling, opera, arts
My brain is working all its different parts.

In the ninth month of 17
My Father showed to me
Music, dance and play
Making stuff with clay
Learning things each day
Helps to keep dementia at bay.

In the twelfth month of 17
My Father found a friend
A woman to defend
A helping hand to lend
His life she will extend
What a great Godsend!
And his will to live she’ll definitely mend.

* * * * *

Part 2 – A Festive Rhyme For You in Appreciation of your Ongoing Support

My New Year wish for you
Is to give yourself a gift.
What would bring you joy?
What gives you a lift?

What ignites your spark?
What would feed your soul?
Do you give yourself permission
To pursue your biggest goal?

Have you ever reflected
On what you’d most like to do?
What would truly fulfil you?
Do you have an idea or a clue?

If you don’t yet know
There’s no need to despair
Enjoy the journey of discovering
The gifts you have to share.

When we have what’s important
We don’t need to have it all
Because having what is meaningful
Makes every day a ball.

So thank you for allowing me
To do what makes me feel alive
To write and speak and run retreats
That encourage you to thrive.

And despite the rapid pace of change
My message stays the same:
The optimal way to deal with life
Is to treat it as a game.

* * * * *

I wish you a magical Festive Season
And an inspiring start to 2018.

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