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NeuroSlimming is the 2016 Bronze Medal Winner in The Evergreen Award for Health and Wellness.
The Living Now Book Awards celebrate the innovation and creativity of books that enhance the quality of our lives. Helena’s book is honoured for its contribution to positive global change in the health and wellness category.


Synopsis of book

It’s not what you eat, it’s why and how you eat.
The world is drowning in information on health, nutrition and exercise yet 95% of people who try to lose weight put it all back on, plus more, within 12 months of starting any sort of weight loss regime. Even diets that incorporate mindset and motivation lead to short term results at best.

Because the key factor in successful weight management has been overlooked: the brain.

The brain is our control centre.
Every part of the body follows the signals and instructions sent out by the brain. It doesn’t matter if you have a slow metabolism, a frenetic lifestyle or a genetic predisposition to weight gain because NeuroSlimming addresses the underlying cause of the issue and gives you a Mind Plan not a meal plan.

NeuroSlimming brings the latest discoveries in brain science to the field of weight management.

NeuroSlimming provides the missing piece in the weight loss puzzle. You will gain a deep understanding of how your brain and body work together to create vibrant health and lasting vitality.

NeuroSlimming sets you free. Free of dieting, struggling, worrying, wishing, craving and emotional eating. Free of guilt and anguish about what, when and how much to eat. Free to make peace with your body and live life to the full. Free to enjoy food because you’ll learn how to feed your spirit, not starve your body.
Dr Helena Popovic has extensive experience with self-sabotaging behaviours and she shows you how to overcome them. She also explains why you could be doing ‘everything right’ yet still not achieving the results you want.

NeuroSlimming is revolutionary. It will take you beyond information to lifelong transformation.

What readers are saying about NeuroSlimming

  • Hello Dr Helena, Wow, wow, wow! I seem to be using this word a lot since picking up your book NeuroSlimming. Thank you for writing this book, thank you for helping people like me get off the insane rollercoaster of dieting and stop the self loathing. I am only up to Mission 2 and I can tell you, I will never, ever, ever, go on another diet in my life time. This in itself is life-changing enough. Thank you for so many positive messages throughout the book, it didn’t take me long to pick up a highlighter to start marking these messages that I have been needing to hear. I AM so much more than a number on a scale. I realise now that I’m really bad at deprivation, I’m the type that crave steak on Good Friday just because I can’t have it, so no wonder diets, healthy eating plans blah blah blah, didn’t work, I always thought my throat was cut and it was so hard. The simple point of asking myself, ‘am I hungry’ is a revelation too. Thank you! I have booked myself and my husband to have a DEXA scan early next week and I’m excited to start retraining my biggest slimming organ. Thank you! I just wanted to say thank you. I have been in constant contact with a close girlfriend of mine who also struggles with her body (just before I purchased your book we started a Low Carb diet together and lasted two days lol) She’s bought your book now and is devouring (pun intended ????) each page. I look forward to sharing this positive journey, I’ll be telling every friend I see. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yours sincerely, Ness. P.S. I saw an interview with you on the Today Show talking about your book, I brought it soon after and then looked at it nervously for a week, it was so thick and I was scared of picking up another boring diet book that would glaze my eyes and make me want to sleep rather than read it. It could not be further from that, I began reading one lazy Sunday afternoon and I have not been able to put it down, I knew by page 36 that this was a phenomenal (light bulb moment) book, the very best book I’ve brought. I keep saying it but THANK YOU!

    Ness Wright
  • Hi Dr Helena, Thank you so much for your inspiring Health-e-Bytes. Thank you also for your book, NeuroSlimming. I am slowly working my way through the Missions. So much fun! Some have taken longer than others to embed in my life and some I have had to revisit. I have a totally new relationship with food now, after a lifetime of food addiction and eating disorders. I have a new calmness about food and eating. I am becoming more and more aware of the nutrients my body craves to be healthy and happy. This is such a lovely change and my hubby and young adult children are changing with me. Thank you again for the gift you have been in my life.

    Tracey Mills
  • NeuroSlimming is amazing, life-changing and world-changing! It really provided all the answers for me. Thank you for setting me free from my food hang ups and self-loathing. Admittedly I was initially intimidated by the number of pages in NeuroSlimming but I devoured the book over a few days and now I’m re-reading the Missions so I can apply all the steps in my daily life. The first Mission alone has been revolutionary. I already feel I’ve rewired my brain to think like a slim person. Thank you so much.

  • Oh wow! I love NeuroSlimming. I loved reading the book and now I’m loving living the NeuroSlimming way. I have effortlessly shed the excess body fat that has plagued me for a decade! I never believed it could happen so easily. I am so grateful.

  • NeuroSlimming is magic! I had a lightbulb moment when I accomplished the Mission around why I didn’t want to lose weight. It never occurred to me that I had reasons for wanting to stay stuck. And once I had the realisation it was easy to get unstuck! Thank you for writing this brilliant book.

  • I have read more diet books than I can count on my fingers and toes combined and nothing has made any difference to my weight. Then I picked up NeuroSlimming at an airport newsagency – it was an impulse buy before boarding a long haul flight. Once I started reading I didn’t want the plane to land. I knew immediately that this was unlike anything I’d ever read. You have addressed EVERYTHING. I always knew that weight loss was a puzzle with many pieces and you have put all the pieces together brilliantly. Four months after reading your book I have a completely different relationship with my body and with food. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and I love food without needing to over-indulge in it – something I never thought possible. Your book has been a liberation. I have let go of the excess body fat I no longer need and I know it will never come back! Thank you.

  • Your book has changed my life and my body forever. Thank you!

  • It’s been a year since I shed the excess 30kg I’d been carrying around needlessly for 20 years! Why why why had I not done this sooner? Probably because I hadn’t read your book and didn’t know how! ???? I deliberately waited until a year had passed before I contacted you to thank you. I wanted to make sure it was going to last and I wanted to make sure it was true. Every morning I’d wake up thinking ‘Was it all a dream or am I really a healthy weight?’ And I’m overjoyed to say ‘I really am!’ I so hope that everyone with a weight problem gets hold of your book. It has opened up a whole new life for me. There is so much I am doing now that I never envisaged I ever could. The best thing is that my mind is free from the constant daily struggles around food. My mind is much lighter – it isn’t only my body that has had the transformation. Thank you for the rest of my life.

  • NeuroSlimming is the Bible of weight loss. I have to admit I was intimidated when I first saw it and I wondered if I’d get through it all. I leafed through a lot of other books that were thinner and promised a quick solution but I instinctively knew they’d be a waste of time. I’m so glad I took the plunge because once I started reading NeuroSlimming I couldn’t stop. Thank you for taking a deep comprehensive dive into the tough stuff - the issues that no one else is game to address. I really appreciate your honesty in writing the book and in sharing your own journey. You’ve made it possible for me to have a fit healthy body I previously thought was beyond my reach. I am truly grateful.


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