A healthy rhyme for Christmas time

Christmas is that time of year
My credit card bill instils great fear.
But it’s worth the joy of bestowing a gift
That I know will give my loved ones a lift.

It’s also a time people injure themselves
While climbing ladders to arrange their elves.
According to American statistics I’ve read
Over 200 people a day hit their head.

Other people worry they’ll eat too much food
And looking at the scales will destroy their mood.
Throw out the scales, whatever time of year,
Our health is not measured by the size of our gear.

Indulging over Christmas won’t ruin our health
It’s our year-long habits that determine our wealth.
By ‘wealth’ I mean having energy and zest;
Feeling fit and strong, and performing at our best.

But the most important thing of all
Is finding parking at the mall.
Of course I don’t mean that (but some days I do)
My biggest gripe is the post office queue.

Seriously, what matters most
Is the people in our lives we’d like to toast:
Our family, friends and those who make us smile;
The people we can trust to help us through a trial.

So I’d like to raise a toast to you
And thank you for reading my point of view.
I wish you and your loved ones serenity and cheer
And a fabulous start to a brand new year!

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