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What is Winning at Slimming?

bronze-medalWinning at Slimming™ is founded on the principles of NEUROPLASTICITY: the science of changing the brain to heal the body.  It is not about diets, exercise, motivation, mindset, willpower or positive psychology.  It goes much deeper into the very essence of how our brain cells communicate with each other and with the rest of the body to influence our appetite, assimilation of food, metabolism, weight set-point and weight distribution. This ground-breaking, research-based approach is known as NeuroSlimming and was developed by Dr Helena Popovic MBBS, leading authority on brain function and how our lifestyles impact our health and performance. If you’d like to shed fat and KEEP IT OFF for the rest of your life without rigid, restrictive, gruelling regimes, we invite you to:

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THE BRAIN IS OUR CONTROL CENTRE.  Every part of the body follows the instructions, directions and signals sent out by the brain.  It doesn’t matter if you have a slow metabolism, a genetic predisposition to carrying excess fat or a frenetic lifestyle that lends itself to weight gain.  It doesn’t matter if you have no idea why you haven’t achieved your desired body weight because Winning at Slimming™ addresses the underlying source of the issue and provides you with a MIND PLAN not a meal plan. Just as the brain is the largest sexual organ, it is also the largest slimming organ – and it’s been overlooked by the entire weight loss industry.  This is why nothing is working to help people maintain a healthy body weight long term.